Bordeaux Excursions
The Bask Country

Gateway to Spain

Full-day excursion.

Discover Biarritz, « Queen of the beaches and Beach of the Kings »,
The charming coastal villages Bidart and Guetary,
Saint-Jean-de-Luz, renowned fishing port and beach resort,
The coastal road “la Corniche”, overhanging the ocean from the top of its impressive cliffs, toward the border town of Hendaye.

Two day excursion.

Extend your stay by exploring the inner Bask Country.
You will enjoy the colorful villages of Sare, Ascain, Espelette — the famous Bask red pepper capital — ;
a land of deeply rooted popular traditions.
If the sky is clear, a small-gauge train will take you to the 900-meter summit of the Rhune, sacred mountain of the Bask people, to crown your trip with a breathtaking sweeping panorama from the Landes Ocean to the Spanish Pyrenean Mountains.



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